How to prevent costly downtime and irreparable damage in semiconductor fabrication facilities

Epoxy, Industrial Flooring, Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing

Electro Static Discharge flooring helps direct electrostatic discharge to grounding points and help safeguard sensitive equipment and personnel. Learn why this is necessary for the semiconductor and electronics industry >> ...

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Waterproofing Concrete for Industrial & Commercial Facilities, Part 2 in our series on Water & Your Floor

Commercial Flooring, Industrial Flooring, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Building Management, Hospitality, Sports/Entertainment, Technology, Food and Beverage, Electronics Manufacturing

In this blog post, the second in a series on "Water and Your Floor," we discuss waterproofing concrete for industrial and commercial facilities. What makes a waterproof floor truly waterproof, why should you consider taking this step and where is it most beneficial? How is a waterproof floor installed? Our resident expert, Product Manager, Stephen Pattison, answers these questions and more. ...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Resinous Floors in Your Commercial Facility

Epoxy, Urethane, MMA, Commercial Flooring, Healthcare, Retail, Building Management, Auto Dealerships, Hospitality, Education, Sports/Entertainment, Technology, Food and Beverage

Have questions about how to properly clean resinous floors in your commercial facility? We have all the answers in this blog. Read to find out if you're following necessary practices to keep your floors looking nice and new. ...

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Epoxy Flooring and Your Environment

Epoxy, Commercial Flooring, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology, Building Management, Auto Dealerships, Hospitality, Education, Sports/Entertainment

Have questions about epoxy flooring installation odors, air quality, and sustainability? Read our latest blog post where we answer questions about safety and sustainability. ...

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What are the Best Flooring Options for Commercial Kitchens?

Urethane, Commercial Flooring, Hospitality, Food and Beverage

When building a commercial kitchen, one of the most important decisions to make is choosing the right floor to install. In this blog, we discuss which materials to avoid, and which ones are sure to last. ...

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